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The VOMM Turbo Technology is based on the creation of a high-turbulence thin film of material by means of a turbine rotating inside a horizontal cylindrical stator.

The chamber has a jacket within which a vector fluid such as diathermic oil, steam or hot or cold water is circulated to keep the temperature inside the machine constant as required by the process.


Movement of the product inside the machine is controlled by the turbine and, when required, by a flow of process gas travelling in the same direction as the product, circulating through a circuit which may be open or closed (to prevent any uncontrolled atmospheric emissions).

The Turbo Technology can be applied to continuous heat treatment processes (drying, concentration, roasting, pasteurising, desorbing, etc.), continuous mechanical processes (granulation, kneading, mixing, crystallisation and coating) and continuous chemical processes (salt formation, soap making) on solids, liquids and sludges.

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